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While I was putting together the collage below, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness.

Michelle and Jake are awesome people, and we are lucky to have them as part of our community.

Their good friend Jacqueline had been bugging them for ages to try out RARE, since she was already

a member and they were sick and tired of hearing about what she did during her workouts.

Finally, after a lot of convincing, they decided to give us a try, signing up for our Worlds Best Bootcamp Fredericksburg.

Six weeks later, they were hooked and immediately signed up for CrossFit.


The rest is history.

Wow, what a difference 18 months has made for this awesome RARE Couple.

So proud of you Jake and Michelle.

Keep up the awesome work!

Tuesday's Workout:

A) Split jerk practice 10 min

B) Push press + Power jerk
EMOM 15 min - building load, increase from previous week, WORK on technique and mechanics, can build tough

C) In partner pairs:
FT - Work divided equally:
100 cal row
80 push ups
40 strict pull ups
20 wall walks

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