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It's time to take a moment and reflect back over these last five weeks.

There were nerves... there were struggles.... there were triumphs... and there was sacrifice.

And over these last five weeks there was something else for many of you.


Those who participated consistently over these past five weeks in the CrossFit Open grew substantially.

And it was from your efforts and the support of this community that made that possible.

Thank you to all those who chose to embrace the pain... embrace the struggle... embrace their fears...

And go for it.

Thank you to all those who contributed to everyone else's success.

Thank you.

Monday's Workout:

A) Power clean
1.1 x 6; rest as needed

B) Back Squat
building to a HEAVY set of 2 - ONE set FAST

C) 3 sets:
10 HEAVY BB back rack lunges
15 Russian KBS
30 ab mat sit ups
Rest walk 1 min

D) 4 RFT:
Run 200m
5 SA DB thruster R
5 strict TTB
Row 200m
5 SA DB thruster L
25 DU

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