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Cleaning up Your Favorite Comfort Food Fredericksburg

One of my favorite comfort foods is pineapple fried rice.  Unfortunately, I often feel stuffed and regretful after eating it.  Instead of giving it up completely, I decided to gradually change this yummy dish into a powerhouse of nutrition.  Here’s the original recipe, and my three steps to improve it:


  1.  Serve on a bed pf spinach and arugula.  Simply adding greens is a huge step to improving this meal, and making it very filling.
  2. Choose chicken thighs and breast to increase the fat.  Add fat?  YES!  The fat is great for that feeling of satisfaction, helps you recover from training and powers your brain.
  3. Mix riced cauliflower with the brown rice.  You don’t have to give up the rice completely since that’s the comfort part of the dish, but you can increase improve it by mixing it with riced cauliflower. 


How can you modify your favorite comfort dish?  I’d love to hear about it!


Jen Miller, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach




Wednesday's Workout

A) Gymnastics skill 15 mins

B) For Time:
Row 1k
20 burpees
100' walking lunge
Row 750m
15 burpees
100' walking lunge
Row 500m
10 burpees
100' walking lunge

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