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If you are new to CrossFit,

Thinking about joining RARE  or

Just want to get back to the basics,


RARE's Barbell Basics may be perfect for you!

This 4 class, 2 week program begins on April 11th

Limited spots available


Call or e-mail Coach Lee for further information






Tuesday's Workout

A) Split jerk practice 10 min

B) Push press + Power jerk
2.2 - every 90 sec x 8 sets

C) 10 min amrap @80%
5 strict pull ups
20m sled drag
7 PP
200m row
rest 5 min
10 min amrap @80%
Run 200m
7 push ups
AB 10 cals
7 strict TTB
- GOAL is SAME rounds per amrap

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