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One year ago today, I began a journey that would change my life. I took a chance and signed up to become part of a local crossfit gym, RARE Crossfit. In that year I have become stronger both in body and mind. I have learned to push myself beyond my limits, to be more. In June, I was in a very serious car accident and suffered a concussion and tbi that I am still recovering from today. The RARE family and coaches waited patiently for me to return and when I did months later, they supported me when I had no balance, cheered for me when I did my first squats, encouraged me, and met me where I was always believing I could do more and having faith in me when I did not. Coach Lee reminded me daily that I was improving. Coach Kaytlyn, restarted my rower because she knew I couldn't add. Neither one ever let me feel embarrassed or small. As I continue to grow stronger, the RARE family pushes me, inspires me, and most of all makes me grateful to be part of the community. Thank you Lee and Adam for creating such an amazing family. I look forward to many more years with RARE.

Monday's Workout

A) Power clean + Hang clean + FS

1.1.3 x 5; rest as needed

B) Back Squat
building to a HEAVY set of 3 - ONE set FAST

C) 3 sets:
12 KB reverse lunges
12 double KB swings
Rest 1 min
12 jump lunges
30-45 sec FLR
Rest walk 1 min

D) 3 RFT:
Run 400m
35 DU
- SAME times per round

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