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Happy Monday everyone!

We'd like all of you to meet Chris Ruble. He's been a member of our RARE family since August 14, 2014 and he epitomizes who we are at RARE. Chris is humble, driven, respectful, a family man, motivator and has an insatiable desire to help people. Over the past months Chris has dedicated himself to bettering his nutrition and with that.... has lost more than 50 pounds.

We wanted to give you a shoutout Chris... not only for your accomplishments, but also for who you are as a person.

Thank you! We appreciate you.

Monday's Workout:

A) Power clean + Hang clean
2.2 x 5; rest as needed

B) Back Squat
building to a HEAVY set of 4 - ONE set FAST

C) 3 sets:
10 DB lunges
10 Russian KBS - HEAVY
Rest 1 min
10 jump squats
12 V ups
Rest walk 1 min

D) FT:
Run 800m
60 DU
Row 600m
Run 400m
60 DU
Row 200m

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