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I bet if I asked you how much you weighed, you would know.  If I asked your change in body fat percentage over the last three months, some of you would know thanks to Complete Nutrition.  What if I asked you your max deadlift?  Number of pull ups?  Reps during 17.2?


Some number are easy to remember and stick in our head. Other numbers, though just as important, we may not know at all. Today I want to share a secret with you that is guaranteed to cause you to exceed your goals. 


Records = results.


How could something so simple cause such massive change?  Because having awareness around where you currently are, and where you want to be gives you the information you need to make the change. 


After 17.2, I thought for days about the fact that I really, really want to be able to lift myself up and over that bar.  I know where I am, and I know what my goal is.  Now all I need to do is to ask a coach for my first step and practice. 


By recording your results in your life, especially the parts that aren’t working for you, you can take that first step towards your goal.  If you don’t even know how many hours of sleep you get each night, how are you supposed to create a healthier sleep habit?  The same is true for eating at home, meals prepped for the week, time for your one mile run, finances, activities with your loved ones, and max lifts, Fran score…get the picture?


So if you see me at Rare without my workout notebook, please remind me:  Records = results!  After all, those pull ups aren’t going to happen by themselves! 


What will you record this week?  I’d love to hear about it!




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Jen Miller, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Wednesday's Workout:

A) Gymnastics skill 15 mins

B) FT:
Row 1k
30 bjsd - 24/20"
Row 500m
30 burpees
Row 250m
30 V ups

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