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It has been 8 years since we opened the doors of Rare CrossFit at our humble beginnings,  

a shared lock-up garage behind our current location.

Wow!  Time certainly passes by quickly.


We can't begin to tell you how super excited we are to be moving into our own facility very 

soon.  Our dream of having a place of our own is finally coming to fruition.


We look forward to sharing our vision, mission and dreams with our "RARE" Family.



Tuesday's Workout:


A) Strict Press
1RM in 15 min

B) Weighted Chin-up
1RM in 15 min

C) 10 min AMRAP @80%
5 kipping pull ups
10 push ups
25 DU
Run 200m


rest 5 min

10 min AMRAP @80%
Row 250m
3 wall walks
20m sled drag


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