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I spent two years working for The Doctor Yum Project, a local nonprofit that’s focused on helping families learn how to eat healthy.  I bet you think I spent a lot of time with ‘picky’ kids.  You’re right, I did!  But you may be surprised to learn that I spent even more time with their picky grownups! 

As a society, we focus on kids being selective eaters, but that doesn’t simply go away as an adult UNLESS we decide to make a change.  Not only is it important to grow that palate to be a great example to the little people around you, but also for your own health.  Humans thrive on eating seasonally and selecting a variety of foods.  Not sure how to start?  Here are a few tips that work with kids and grownups!

  1.  Begin by changing your language.  Instead of a ‘picky eater,’ choose words like selective or learning.  If I am ‘learning to like kale, it means there’s a goal and something to work on.  If I am simply a ‘picky eater,’ there is no room for improvement.
  2. Add new foods to existing recipes.  Introducing okra to your diet?  Add it to a veggie soup that you already adore, or roast it with your other root veggies to caramelize it and make a bit sweeter.
  3. Start small!  As with any new habit, you must practice small steps for an extended period of time to make it part of your life.  Remember, small steps are sticky!  Choose one food to try and add it to your foods for a week or two.  You might want to try the new food in different ways.  If you want to begin to eat sweet potatoes, try baked sweet potato fries, roast them, or add them to your favorite soup recipe.

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Jen Miller, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Wednesday's Workout

A) Gymnastics skill 15 min

B) Partner workout - Accumulate:

100 row cals

5 x 50m sled pushes HEAVY

100 AB cals

300 DU

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