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Last Friday evening was the start of the annual CrossFit Open Workouts and we celebrated this with our whole community and a whole bunch of sponsors.

Thank you to our entire RARE Family, everyone involved in setting up our space, judging, encouraging and cleaning our space afterwards.

Thank you to Dr. Jericho Matthews and Alive by Design Chiropractic Center, Tim with Stronger Faster Healthier, Will with Will's Place and Amy with Super Fun Yoga Pants!

All of you ROCK and we love all your EFFORT put into Open Workout 17.1.

This Friday is the second week and workout 17.2.

What will Dave Castro and CrossFit HQ have in store for all of us?

We will know this Thursday at 8:00pm.... stay tuned!

Monday's Workout

A) Hang Clean 6x3

B) Back Squat @ 20X0 3,3,2,2,1,1 

C) 3 sets- AHAP

10 goblet squats  10 goblet lunges 10 KBS rest as needed

D) 4 RFT: Row 400m 40 air squats -

GOAL is to perform ALL rounds the SAME time

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