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With the warmer weather quickly approaching, smoothies can be a great go-to snack or mini meal.  One of the easiest ways to find new recipes is to search on blender company’s websites., and all have fantastic lists of recipes that have been tested by the company.  Another great way is to follow a smoothie formula.  Check out the picture below for a foolproof smoothie system. 

And what can you do with the leftover smoothie?  Make them into popsicles!  Try this Green Dragon Smoothie as a delicious treat and freeze the leftovers into the tastiest popsicles you have ever had!

Looking for more snack ideas?  Grab your tickets for the upcoming class here:  Snacks for Everyday Athletes

Jen Miller, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Wednesday's Workout:

A) Gymnastics skill 15 min

B) 6 Rounds For Time: AB/Row 15/10 cals 35 DU 30m FW - HEAVY 5 DB manmakers - MODERATE loading 


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