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This past Saturday Troop 020 Graduated from Worlds Best Bootcamp Fredericksburg, and many of the troopers are continuing

their fitness journey with our CrossFit program.  Some of the members have previously done CrossFit, while others are just


A few members are still a little intimidated by CrossFit and unsure of their next step.  Have no fear! Coach Kaytlyn and I have

developed a special program just for that reason.  We are extremely excited to add this to our already awesome programs at RARE.  

Beginning next Tuesday 28th, we are offering a 6 week small group personal training program as a bridge to CrossFit.  Spots are very limited

for this class. Want more details?  Call us and set up your strategic goal setting meeting with us and we will be happy to discuss all

the details.



Tuesday's Workout:


A) Strict Press


5RM in 15 min

B) Weighted Chin-up

building to a 3RM in 15 min - for those that cannot do strict pull ups - complete 5x5 strict negatives with a 3-4 sec count on the way down


C) 10 min AMRAP @80%

5 strict pull ups 10 push ups 15 row cals rest 5 min

10 min AMRAP @80% Run 200m 20m sled drag Run 200m 5 strict TTB

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