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Friday Night Lights is back...

and it all begins this Friday!

This is such a fun time to come out, enjoy yourself and throwdown with

our amazing community.

Alive by Design Chiropractor, Will's Food Truck, Super Hot Fun Yoga pants,

Stronger Faster Healthier... they'll all be out at RARE CrossFit this Friday

for the CrossFit Open 17.1 workout.

We hope to see all of you here.

17.1: Feb 24

17.2: March 3

17.3: March 10

17.4: March 17

17.5: March 24


Monday's Workout:

A) Power Clean Building to a Max in 15 Min

B) Back Squat @20x0 5,4,3

C) EMOM 10 Min

Min 1 DB Lunges x 10 - Heavy

Min 2 RKBS x 15 - Heavy

D) For Time


Row Cals

Jumping Squats



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