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In the cold months of winter, it’s easy to let our food choices go to comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, pot pies, lasagna and the like.  Today I would like to offer you a different perspective on comfort food, root vegetables.  If you aren’t already eating root vegetables, I’m excited to tell you that they are delicious, incredibly healthy, and easy to prepare.  Breakfast Soup is the perfect example.  Although I created this for breakfast, it’s perfect for any meal or snack.  Make sure to modify the recipe to your tastes and dietary goals. A recipe, after all, is just an idea.

Another easy way to add root vegetables to your diet is by roasting them.   I like to use coconut oil when I roast vegetables because of the medium smoke point.  Grapeseed oil is another good choice.  Olive oil should not be used in any recipe requiring temperatures over 320 degrees.  I use it only for salad dressing and other raw recipes.

One of the hidden benefits of root vegetables is their ability to help with sugar cravings.  The caramelization of the root veggies is incredibly sweet, satisfying the need for sweet without compromising your dietary goals!

Friday's Workout:

A) Gymnastics skill 10 min

B) Push Press building to a heavy set of 1 - then take 85% and complete 8 more sets of 1 at that weight; rest as needed

C) Strict Pronated Pull-up 5 min - first set is an AMRAP unbroken, then as many reps as possible in remaining time

D) For Time: Run 400m 20 KTE 50 DU Run 400m 20 strict TTB 50 DU Run 400m 20 clapping push ups 50 DU




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