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ENROLLMENT is OPEN for Troop 21!


Troop 21 starts Sat. Feb 25th.


We will sell out, and spots are LIMITED!


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The most fun you'll have proving yourself!


Thursday's Workout:

■ Open Gym

■ Endurance WOD
■ WOD make up day
■ Advanced Class WOD


A) 3 position hang power clean

2 reps @80% x 8 sets; rest as needed


B) Front Squat

@20X0; 4-6 x 5; rest as needed


C) NFT - for MAX load

Goblet squat x 20

KBS x 20

Goblet step up x 2

rest as needed b/t attempts, KB CANNOT tough the ground


D) "Tailpipe"

In teams of 2:

Row 250m HARD

while partner is holding 2 KB in double FR

x 3 rounds -

MUST be "unbroken"




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