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OFFICIAL Bring A Friend Party Fredericksburg

Today is the day!

The OFFICIAL Bring A Friend Party is here!

We are so excited to share this awesome opportunity with you Fredericksburg!!
Things will kick off at 7:30! Try to arrive by 7:15 so you can sign in!

Bring your workout clothes, water and a towel if needed...AND be prepared to have a great time!

*** YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW A TROOPER TO COME TO THIS EVENT!!! If you have been watching for a while and you finally want to come see what this place is about....just come on out! ***

See you here!

Thursday's Workout:

■ Open Gym
■ Endurance WOD
■ WOD make up day
■ Advanced Class WOD

A) Hang Power Clean

2 reps @75% x 8-10 sets - building load


B) Front Squat

@30X0; 5-7 x 2, 3-5 x 2; rest as needed


C) 3 sets:

20 goblet squats - tough

rest 1 min

30 sec superman hold

rest 1 min


D) Team 5K - Row TT - Teams of 2, divide however you would like





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