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There are so many temptations when lunch time rolls around.  People at the office might be eating at one of the local restaurants, mom friends and their kids are meeting at a kid-friendly, fast food joint, and the local coffee shop has tempting pastries that you think would help you hold on until dinner.  When we fail to plan for a healthy lunch, it is easy to make choices that do not support our goals.  One simple way to prevent this is with mason jar salads.  The trick to keeping salads fresh in mason jars (or in any container) is to keep the dressing separate.   Because I prefer my greens to be super fresh, I only make three salads at a time.  I’ve also noticed that if I eat a salad Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, that on Thursday I am ready to eat something different.  This works well for planning because by Thursday, I have dinner leftovers to pack from the beginning of the week.

I want to start you off with a paleo and Whole30-friendly recipe that can be adapted for vegetarians and vegans.  This Health Taco Salad To-Go has lots of room for substitutions.  Use leftover chicken and roasted vegetables to make the prep faster.  Meatless Monday?  Marinated tofu, tempeh or black beans will do the trick for a protein substitute.  Add spicy peppers to increase the heat or quinoa if you want a more filling salad.

Looking for more meal prep and planning ideas?  Grab your tickets for the upcoming class here:  Meal Planning and Prep for Everyday Athletes

Jen Miller, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Wednesday's Workout:

A) Gymnastics skill 15 min

B) 6 Rounds For Time:

AB or Row 12/9 cals 9 V ups 6 jump lunges/leg 3 wall walks

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