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RARE CrossFit held our 4th Annual Chili Cook Off over the weekend!

There was spicy chili, there was puerto rican chili, there was chili with

grandma's cornbread, there was also chili from the reigning two time

champion Matt James.

And once again Matt's famous smoked chili won for the 3rd straight

year in a row.

Can anyone beat Matt's awesome Chili?

One vote separated Matt's chili from the 2nd place chili, but yes... Matt

did it again.

Congratulations Matt and to everyone who entered chili in this years

contest. We had an awesome time.

Thank you to everyone who came out and to Jacqueline for organizing

this years event.

Monday's Workouts:

A) Power Clean 2 reps x 10 sets; rest as needed - similar load to previous week, USE speed and power as a guide for load

B) Back Squat @30X0; 5-7 x 2, 3-5 x 2; rest 2 min

C) 3 sets: 20 DB step ups 50m sled drag 20 russian KBS rest walk 2 min

D) For Time: Row 1k 20 burpees Row 500m 15 burpees Row 350m 10 burpees



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