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Well-planned snacks are a great way to support post-workout recovery, increase the amount of
nutrient-dense foods in your day, help balance your moods, and curb cravings. The trick is
keeping those snacks healthy!

You can do that with three easy steps:

1. Choose a healthy protein, a vegetable and a small amount of fat. A grilled chicken thigh
with some baked sweet potato fries is a great example. Another example would be a
black burger (no roll) with salsa and avocado. Another easy choice would be jicama with

2. Think of ‘mini meals’ instead of snacks. Processed snacks are often filled with sugar or
sugar substitutes that take you away from your healthy goals. Stick to simple foods
instead of products.

3. Add new food combinations to the rotation to prevent boredom. Having a chart with a
list of combinations helps. Make sure to personalize your chart, and have every family
member do the same because enjoying your food is a big part of staying on track!

Protein Vegetable Fat
Grilled chicken romaine Clean Cesar dressing
Clean beef jerky bell peppers Feta (stuff bell peppers)
Nuts and seeds carrots, cucumbers (included)
Hummus, bean dip or pesto jicama (olive oil in dip)



A) 10 Rounds for Time:

Run 200m


9 Renegade Row

12 Weighted Situps

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