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It's that time again.......

RARE's Annual Chili Cookoff - The 4th Annual

So, are we going to let Mr. Matt James be the Chili King,

For the 3rd year in a row?

We still have time to perfect those recipes

And claim his crown

Only 4 days away.......

We can't wait to start the sampling

This years winner will receive one month of RARE

For Free.


A) Gymnastics skill 10 min:

B) Strict Press:

@2112; 6-8 x 2, 4-6 x 2 rest 2 min

C) Weighted Chinup:
@2112; x 3; rest as needed

D) 15 min amrap @CONSISTENT effort:
Run 200m
3 wall walks
30m FW
5 strict pull ups
50m sled pull:

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