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Over the next week we are celebrating our amazing clients here at RARE CrossFit.

Everyday we come in to work we can’t believe that we get to work with such

amazing people that inspire us by showing up day in and day out.


Today is Day 1 and I have to tell you about Commander Joy Smith.


We are so proud of Joy! She has made amazing progress this year towards her

goal of a happier and healthier me.

It hasn’t been an easy path and has consistently shown up and worked at

getting better one day at a time. The results have been amazing ☺.


Joy joined RARE CrossFit after her mother stopped Coach Adam in their neighborhood one morning.

Joy's mom said: "my daughter needs to come see you."

Within a couple days that's exactly what happened.


"What a difference a year and better mindset can make!

The left photo is me on Christmas Day 2015. The other photos are me at various times in 2016.

In early 2016 I made a decision to be a happier and healthier me. I went through a complete

mindset change. I made healthier nutrition choices and committed to my workouts at RRE CrossFit.

I look forward to my workouts and miss them (and feel like I'm cheating myself) when I can't get

there. Looking forward to more changes in 2017!


Keep up the amazing work, Joy. We are all inspired by you and so proud of you.

Bring on 2017!


Coach Adam




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A) The 12 Days of Christmas!

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