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Today is Day 2 and I have to tell you about Melda Bates.

We are so proud of Melda! She has made amazing progress this year towards her

goal of a happier and healthier me.

It hasn’t been an easy path and has consistently shown up and worked at

getting better one day at a time. The results have been amazing ☺.

Melda joined our World's Best Boot Camp - Fredericksburg before joining our RARE CrossFit program.

Six months later Melda's life has been transformed.

Keep up the amazing work, Melda. We are all inspired by you and so proud of you.

Bring on 2017!

Coach Adam



Tuesday's Workout

30 TGU - MODERATE load
rest 3 minutes

5 Rounds FOR TIME
10 bent over row - tough
15 push ups

Row 500m
30 weighted sit ups
Row 500m
30 strict TTB
Row 500m
30 Russian twists
Rest as needed

5 Rounds FOR TIME
Run 400m
40 DU

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