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Today is Day 3 and I have to tell you about Brian Skinner.

Brian started with us August of 2015 in Troop 012 of our World's Best Boot Camp - Fredericksburg program and then joined our CrossFit program.

What's changed in one year... here's what Brian had to say.

"Definitely had to change my entire wardrobe. Lost inches all over including my waist.... but I didn't get any taller. The mental as well as the physical aspect has been life changing. RARE has really redirected my life and the start of the day for me. I wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day"

Keep up the amazing work, Brian. We are all inspired by you and so proud of you.

Bring on 2017!

Coach Adam



Brian Skinner RARE CrossFit Fredericksburg Success Story

Wednesday's Workout

Push Press 3.3.3 x 4; rest 30 sec
Weighted Strict Pronated Pull-Up @1112; 6-10 x 4; rest 90 sec


15 min amrap @consistent effort:
10 bjsd
20m sled drag
10 DB S2OH - moderate
10 goblet reverse lunges
Run 200m

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