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Today is Day 5 and I have to tell you about Nick Berrie.

Here's an email Nick sent me:

"Hey Adam, finally got through all my notes since joining RARE. All I have to say is wow I've done a lot of working out and made a boat load more progress then I had previously thought.

So a basic breakdown is so far I've lost 45lbs. I have no measure of muscle gained but just from looking in the mirror it has to be a good amount. My strength numbers reflect that and all barbell movements have gone up a lot.

My mobility has gotten a lot better over my entire body. Only two things that were of significance with mobility were my psoas and hamstrings both of which are still a problem area although much improved.

Power output during wods has almost doubled especially those within the glycolytic pathway, putting out 100-170 ft*lbs a sec on those but when it comes to aerobic wods or monostructural movements like running or rowing I have not improved as greatly as I would like to. I'm sure that it is a lack of attention to that type of work on my part. I put them on the back burner and don't enjoy i them because its the lack luster side of working out compared to throwing a barbell for 3 mins lol. Guilty there but I would like to see what you think regarding the improvements I have made.

Thanks Nick"

Keep up the amazing work, Nick. You ROCK and inspire each and every one of us.

Bring on 2017!

Coach Adam


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Friday's Workout

A) Advanced gymnastics skills 15 min

B) Push Press 3RM in 15 min

Amrap strict pull ups in 1 min
Amrap Wall walks in 1 min
Amrap strict TTB in 1 min
Amrap Standing DB press in 1 min
rest walk 2 min

10 min @85% Aer effort
Run 200m
5 renegade row
5 DB push press

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