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Today is Day 6 and I have to tell you about Lorie Bland.

She began with Personal Training, signed up for Worlds Best Bootcamp Fredericksburg and now she is Killing it With


"The picture on the left is this time last year, the right is over the summer......what I have learned over the last year is simple, you are what you eat, when it comes down to it you make the choice no one else does, eating and exercise makes all the difference in everything!!!"

Keep up the amazing work, Lorie. We are all inspired by you and so proud of you.

Bring on 2017!

Coach Adam



Monday's Workout

A) 3 position Power clean
1 complex - every 2 min x 6-8 sets

B) Front Squat
buidling to a tough single in 15 min - GREAT mechanics focus

5 min - Row cals
4 min - strict pull ups
3 min - WB
2 min - KBS
1 min - DU

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