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Tim Brown in Fredericksburg - RARE CrossFit

Tim Brown

As a little kid, I grew up playing all of the little kid sports. In high school I realized that I wasn’t super talented in any of those sports (a .000 batting average in 8th grade little league was the icing on the cake), and went out for my school’s cross country and track teams. Running rewards consistency and hard work, especially the longer distance events, and I loved it. I ran in college and continued into road racing and ultra-distance trail races, but found that I was getting worn down and injured without a lot to show for it. I found CrossFit through some exposure during a Reserve training course and RARE through Google. It took a while to really take hold (who hasn’t sat at the stoplight at routes 1 and 208 at 4:30 AM and had second thoughts about turning down the road to RARE), but CrossFit rewards consistency and hard work just like distance running does. CrossFit has helped me become stronger and more durable in my running and more balanced physically, mentally and spiritually in the rest of my life. I love knowing I can rely on my body to do everything from working in the yard to navigating a rocky trail climbing a remote mountain.
RARE is a place where fellow athletes will check in on you if you’ve been missing workouts, and where the coaches take genuine interest in helping athletes grow and achieve their “hairy scary goals.” I wanted to give back to that RARE community, and help others achieve their goals. I’ve had lots of great coaches during my life, and hopefully I’m able to have a positive impact as a coach at RARE.
– CPR/First Aid/AED

– CrossFit Level 1 Tested & Certified

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