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CrossFit Fredericksburg

Sharon Adamavage

As a child, I was active playing outside, but in high school, college, and as a young professional, I did little to no exercise. I had many gym memberships, but none of them kept me wanting more. None of them inspired me. I never went. I coached tennis for two years and often felt tired keeping up with the teen athletes I coached. Something needed to change. I was entering my 30’s, and I needed to get a handle on my health.

A friend invited me to Troop 011 “Bring a Friend” night for WBBC Fredericksburg, and then I joined Troop 012. This experience changed how I viewed fitness. Being a member of a gym and being healthy wasn’t about giving up all the foods I loved and dreading workouts. Being part of WBBC Fredericksburg and RARE came with the opportunity of being inspired by a community of people working towards the same goal of bettering themselves. I learned that fitness was something I had to work at each day, and it is not about what I give up, but about what I include in my life that will make it better.

I decided to trust the process and continue to show up to RARE for class, then at some point, I realized I loved it. I started my journey in October 2015, and after Troop 012, joined CrossFit. It was the best decision I could have made for my mental and physical health. I love Commanding because I get to see this change in other people. I want to see others in their moments of self-doubt and be their strength by providing encouragement and direction.

I’m not where “I thought I would be” or where I was, but I’m a better me today than I ever was before. I’ve learned to appreciate each gain and celebrate each little triumph and to not view my progress as having a finish line where I am comparing myself to others, but rather as my own personal journey with ups and downs. My goal is to make others believe this too. I feel lucky to Command at WBBC Fredericksburg.

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