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Lee Walchester

Had I been told two years ago that I would be doing CrossFit, let alone instructing it, I would have said no way. After trying a few CrossFit workouts with Adam in our garage during the summer of 2008, I soon began to feel and see amazing results. Before long, I was hooked. Initially, I would incorporate 2 days of CrossFit with 2 days of 4 – 5 mile runs. After the cold weather set in and I became bored running on the treadmill, I decided to commit to 4 days of CrossFit per week.


Beginning in late October 2008, I started working out at our RARE CrossFit facility with our clients. Workouts are a lot more intense in a group setting, and being competitive by nature, I love the challenge. I can’t begin to express how great I feel after discovering CrossFit. After my horse rolled on me and broke my collar bone when I was a teenager, I have always had issues with pain during workouts and lacked upper body strength as a result. When I started CrossFit, I could only do jumping pull-ups and push-ups from my knees. I now do regular push-ups in all of my work-outs, and can do kipping pull-ups and have no shoulder pain.

Every day at RARE CrossFit is a new challenge. Helping our clients to excel far beyond their expectations is extremely rewarding. I look forward to sharing the knowledge I have gained to propel our clients into the best shape of their lives.

– CrossFit Level 1 Tested & Certified
– USA Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Certified Sports Performance Coach
– CrossFit Running & Endurance Coach
– CrossFit Rowing Coach
– Strength Specific Seminar 2013
– Wilkes Weightlifting 2010
– CPR Certified

Additionally, Lee has 2 Bachelor’s Degrees from the University of Mary Washington, one in Business Administration and the other in Studio Art.

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