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Kelsey Randall in Fredericksburg - RARE CrossFit

Kelsey Randall

Health and fitness has always been a part of my daily lifestyle. Growing up, I was a huge soccer player and competitive track sprinter. After college, I joined a gym with my mother.  At first it was so much fun, but eventually I became very bored completing the same routines each day. With nobody to hold me accountable, I frequently found myself saying "It's been a long day, you can skip the gym". I still loved exercising and being fit; I just needed to find a solution for the monotony.  That's when I discovered bootcamp class, and I loved it! I enjoyed having a commander to push me to complete 10 more reps even when I was tired and wanted to quit.

When I moved to Virginia, I wanted to join a gym that would push me, hold me accountable, and also introduce me to new people. I wanted another bootcamp experience. I joined RARE by taking the bootcamp class and felt like I was home! I quickly realized that this place is my passion! Not only do I want to workout, but I want to help others enjoy their workout and reach their goals just like the commanders did for me. I want to pass on the excitement and thrill of the bootcamp experience.

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