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CrossFit Fredericksburg

Joy Smith

As a child I was very athletic. I played basketball and was a cheerleader. Yep, that’s right! I was a cheerleader. Through school and into my early 20’s, exercise was a normal part of my routine. After giving birth to my daughter McKenzie, exercise was almost non-existent. I tried anything and everything for quick weight loss and several gyms in the Fredericksburg area but didn’t have the motivation to stick with it. I continued this cycle for almost 20 years. Fast forward to July 2014, my mother was out walking the dog and ran into Adam Eidson – owner of RARE CrossFit. She mentioned that I needed to get back into exercising and he gave her a business card – and that is where my love for fitness and health started! I joined World’s Best Bootcamp- Fredericksburg in August 2014. Since walking through those doors, I’ve never looked back! I’ve gained so much through WBBC- Fredericksburg and RARE CrossFit. I wanted to help others achieve their fitness success so I became a WBBC Commander. My desire is to make an impact on every life of every person who enlists in WBBC – Fredericksburg. It makes me proud to watch troopers leave it all on the floor and celebrate their accomplishments. At the end of every 6 weeks, I want each trooper to have strength, confidence and know that STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY!

I owe my life of health and fitness to WBBC Fredericksburg and RARE CrossFit. Walking through those doors was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I did it for me! Do it for you!

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