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Hud Lemons

After my wife gave birth to our first child I realized that I had neglected my health for the last several years. I wanted a long and healthy life of interacting with my kids and (sometime WAY down the road) my grandkids. I started running again and trying to eat a little better but I soon grew bored with the same old workouts and old injuries started to crop up again. I saw a picture in a local paper of people carrying weights over their heads in the middle of a race. I was instantly hooked. The race was orchestrated by a place called RARE CrossFit. After looking them up online I walked into the box and my life has forever been changed. I have never been more healthy in my life and that is thanks to the coaches and community at RARE CrossFit. After 4 years of being a part of this great community I wanted to give more to it. I had a strong desire to help people define, plan, and conquer their goals. I saw a chance to provide people with all the knowledge, support, and motivation that had helped me reach my fitness goals.
I love being part of the community at RARE. I love coaching at RARE. This place is my second home.

– CrossFit Level 1 Tested & Certified
– CrossFit Gymnastics Certification

– CrossFit Pose Method Certified


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