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502 Bad Gateway


Working for Adam and Lee, I have always been pushed to think of WHY

Why, I want to WORK at RARE…

And not just that, but WHY I want to WORK OUT at RARE…

Or, Why do I want to workout period…

—We all have a different reason for this…

When I started CrossFit I told CFOT I wanted to be skinny.

I didn’t even say, I wanted to be healthy, or toned, or in shape – I said what most 16 year olds say…


Because that is what I had as a role model, that skinny was hot and what would make me happy.

Fortunately, they took me in and showed me the ways..

My goals have changed over the years of CrossFitting..

From Skinny to- muscular (YESS..  I do get excited now when my quads don’t fit my jeans, or a t shirt is tight around my arms)

1 strict pull up – to  10 kipping pull ups – to 1 chest to bar pull up –

to doing a CrossFit competition – to running a Half Marathon – to doing a RX’ed competition

– to winning a RX’ed competition…. to having fun – to becoming a coach….


At RARE we don’t just want your time with us to be when you are within our 4 walls..

We want you to be a MOTIVATED person

Who wants to be better EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

What is your WHY

What are you goals?!?!?

We’ve watched so many of you accomplish great things over these last 4 weeks of the Open

And hopefully you all realize just how POWERFUL you are!

This is the last week of the Open, so – what’s next?

What’s next for those of you who are just joining RARE?

What’s next for those of you who have been at RARE and have reached your goals?

(If you don’t know.. talk to your coaches or a friend at RARE, we’ll help you figure it out.)


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Tuesday’s Workout


Will be discussed in class.


4 rounds for time

20 x Barbell Walking Lunges

400 meter run


Post yo bad-ass times in the comments below.

Do it, you won’t.