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  • Monday - May 1

    Monday's Workout:
    A) 3 Position Hang Power Snatch 1 complex x 8-10 sets; rest as needed B)Back Squat @21X1; 8,8,8; rest as needed C) 2 sets: 10 DB lunges - HEAVY 10 BB good morning 20 Russian twists Rest walk 2 min D) 10 min AMRAP @80-85% - sustained effort AB/Row 10 cals Sled drag x 20m Run 200m 10 DB HSC ....

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  • Grand Opening Event Details Fredericksburg!

    Mark your calendars And… JOIN US! The Grand Opening of RARE 3.0 10941 Houser Drive Fredericksburg, VA 22408 Saturday, May 13th 12:00-4:00PM Food, Fun, Music and a whole lot of awesome people. # rare3point0grandopening # savethedate # rarestrong # teamrare # established2008 # theoriginalboxinfxbg # fxbg # fxbgva # fxbgdtwn # fxbgdntn Friday's Workout:
    A) Power Clean 2.2.2 x 3, 1.1.1 x 3; rest as needed - full recovery, power based B) Front Squat @2211; 7,7,5,5,3,3; rest as needed C)FT: AB 1 mile / Row 800m 30 SA DB thruster - L AB .5 miles / Row 400m 30 KB SA DL - R ....

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  • Power Up Fredericksburg with Power Supply Meals!

    Great news RARE Athletes and Fredericksburg... RARE CrossFit is partnering up with Power Supply Meals to provide YOU... with the best delivered, most nutritious meals around. Here are ALL the details... GO LIVE/LAUNCH:

    Friday, April 28th
    - this is the day RARE CrossFit will go live on Power Supply Meals website and folks can start ordering. First delivery will be Monday, May 8th .

    Wednesday, May 3 ( 5:00-7:00pm )
    - Power Supply Meals will swing by and let you... our RARE Community try some food and offer a sweet discount to new customers. RARE 3.0 Grand Opening:
    May 13

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  • RARE CrossFit You’ve Competed, Now What, Fredericksburg?

    You’ve Competed, Now What, Fredericksburg?

    Whether you competed in Festivus, participated in the Open, or have yet to do a competition, once it’s over there is still more work to do. Please check out my blog this week on and walk my path with me. Jen Miller, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 540-446-6174
    Wednesday's Workout:
    A) Backrack Rev Lunge 14 reps/leg x 3; rest as needed - Tough load B) FT: Row 1k 50 DU 40 Russian KBS Row 750m 40 DU 30 Russian KBS Row 500m 30 DU 20 Russian KBS ~Jen ....

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  • Power Supply Meals at RARE 3.0 in Fredericksburg!

    Soooo..... we really would like to start serving Power Supply Meals at RARE for all of our athletes. These meals are the real deal. Great food prepared fresh by local chefs and delivered weekly to fuel our lives. Please fill out the below link and we can get the food delivery serviced here to RARE 3.0. Check out what Carol and Mike said about there experience: Carol Seeley I tried mine - Shepherd's Pie and Broccoli - very tasty! The XL size is big - enough for 2 or maybe 3 small meals for me. Warmed it up in the microwave and it was yummy! Thanks Power Supply for the sample! Like · Reply · 3 · ....

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  • Amazing work RARE Athletes in Fredericksburg!

    We really can't express how proud and happy we are of all of you! You put it all out there... and each of you did what you always do, work hard, be true to yourself and show up to the world as amazing human beings. We are thankful to have such amazing individuals who are a part of our community and represent RARE so well. We appreciate each and every one of you.
    Monday's Workout:
    A) Hang power snatch + Hang power snatch below the knee 2.2 - EMOM 10 min - building load, skill based B)Back Squat @2221; 10,10,10; Increase load from previous week C) 3 sets: 10 BB RDL 20 Russian twists rest 30 sec 20m sled reverse drag 20 weighted sit ups ....

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  • RARE Sunrise in Fredericksburg!

    Coach Tim posted this pic earlier today. Made me think of all the mornings we've walked out of RARE. Feeling inspired. Feeling more confident, more comfortable in our own skin. Feeling strong, unstoppable. Feeling a part of the best community in town. How does it make you feel? A. Power Clean
    3.3.3, 2.2.2, 1.1.1 Rest as needed - building per cluster set, build loads B. Front Squat
    @2211; 8,6,4,8,6,4; Rest as needed C. For Time
    AB - 0.5 mi
    20 double KB FS
    20 double KBS
    20 double KB lunges
    rest walk 400M
    x3 ....

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  • Thursday April 20th WOD

    A1. Close Grip Bench Press
    @3131; 10,10,10 - Rest as needed A2. DB Power Row
    @2112 12-15x3 - Rest as needed B. 3 Sets
    1 min- AMRAP banded tricep kick downs
    AMRAP BB bicep curls @40x0 C. 12 min AMRAP @80-85% sustained effort:
    Run 800M
    20 push-ups
    10 ring rows ....

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  • RARE CrossFit Power Supply = Food Prep Fredericksburg!

    Power Supply = Food Prep Fredericksburg!

    On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to try one of the meals from Power Supply, and I wanted to share my experience. I listened to the rep, Andy, share some facts such as Whole30 compliant, no gluten, no dairy, various portion sizes, and paleo, vegetarian/vegan and combination options. Then he told us about how each meal is prepared by a chef, and I knew I had to give these meals a try. I came home with Spinach and Lentil Dahl, one of my favorite meals to cook at home. I warmed it up and was impressed with the taste and quality of the food. Now, because I can never leave anything alone, I added half of a cup of cashews, some feta and an additional cup of spinach. If I wasn't at home, I ....

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  • Fredericksburg's RARE CrossFit has come a long way

    We have been posting lots of awesome pictures from our new facility, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on where we have come from. The following photo's are from the facility we just moved from. It has taken 8 1/2 years to grow from a 300 square foot Gym to the facility we are at today, and we could not be more proud. It is because of YOU and the awesome community we call RARE that we are able to accomplish our dreams. A. Push press + Power jerk
    3.1 x 6 sets; rest 2 min B1. Single Arm OH DB Press
    @2112; 8-10/arm x 3; rest 10 sec B2. Weighted Strict Pronated Pull-up
    @1112; AMRAP set in 1 min; Rest as Needed ....

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    Mark your calendars And... JOIN US! The Grand Opening of RARE 3.0 10941 Houser Drive Fredericksburg, VA 22408 Saturday, May 13th 12:00-4:00PM # rare3point0grandopening # savethedate # rarestrong # teamrare # established2008 # theoriginalboxinfxbg # fxbg # fxbgva # fxbgdtwn # fxbgdntn Monday's Workout

    A)Hang power snatch + PS

    1.1 - Emom 10 min
    B)Back Squat

    @2221; 10,10,10; rest as needed
    C)3 sets:

    12 DB RDL - tough rest 30 sec 30 sec side lank/side Rest walk 1 min

    D)12 min amrap @80-85% - sustained effort

    Run 200m 7 DB HSC 20m sled drag ....

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  • Friday - April 14

    Friday's Workout:
    A) Power Clean 3,2,1,3,2,1,3,2,1; rest as needed - building load per wave B) Front Squat @3211;10,8,6,4,2; rest as needed C)FT: Row 1k 50 double KB FS - tough 30 strict pull ups ....

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  • Thursday - April 13

    Thursday's Workout:
    A1) Close Grip Bench Press @3131; 12,12,12; rest as needed A2) Pendlay Row @2112; 15,15,15; rest as needed B) 3 sets: 15 bicep curls 30 tricep kick downs C) FT: Run 800m 21 burpees - step up NO jump Run 600m 15 burpees - step up w/jump Run 400m 12 burpees - jump up/jump OH ....

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  • RARE CrossFit Time to Level Up, Fredericksburg!

    Time to Level Up, Fredericksburg!

    If you haven’t been to 3.0 yet, you are in for a real treat. The new building is incredible. It has so much space, the new rig, and best of all, a feeling of brand new beginnings. With my blog today, I want to encourage you to take the opportunity to hit the reset button for yourself. What do you need to level up?
    Find an accountability partner! We have an amazing community at RARE. If you need a buddy, all you need to do is speak up and many people will answer the call!
    Start recording your results for every single workout. No more excuses!
    Focus on your wins. Did you stay hydrated this week? Win. Did you fit into your skinny jeans? Win. Did you PR your close grip bench ....

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  • Tuesday - April 11

    Tuesday's Workout:
    A) Push press + Power jerk 1.1 - every 90 sec x 8 sets - building load B1)Single Arm OH DB Press @3131; 8-10/arm x 3; rest 10 sec B2) Pronated Pull-up AMRAP in 1 min; rest 1 min C) 14 min AMRAP: 3 wall walks 5 strict TTB 7 push ups 20m sled drag - SAME time per round! ....

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  • Building a Fit Fredericksburg Since 2008!

    Monday's Workout:
    A) Muscle snatch + HPS + PS : 1.1.1 - EMOM 10 min B) Back Squat : @2221; 10,10,10; rest as needed C) 3 sets: 15 HEAVY Russian KBS 1 min FLR Rest walk 1 min D) 5 RFT: Run 200m 5 DB SC Thruster - R Row 200m 5 DB SC Thruster - L 20m FW - HEAVY ....

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  • Thursday - April 6

    Thursday's Workout:
    ¦ Open Gym ¦ WOD make up day ¦ Advanced Class WOD A) Front Squat - building to a max B) 800 m repeats for best 3 sets/times rest EXACTLY 1/3 work time as your set time work is at 100% effort ....

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  • RARE CrossFit Hey Fredericksburg, Blood Type Diet for Cross fit

    Hey Fredericksburg, Blood Type Diet for Cross fit

    When I speak to a yoga class, or the runners at Lucky Road, they're often blood type A or AB. But cross fitters are overwhelmingly O. There are some A’s, B’s and AB’s sprinkled in but for the part, I am talking to an O crowd. Crazy, right? That your blood type could predict what type of exercise you choose? While not a perfect system, the Blood Type Diet is one that I rely on when I coach. When I was in school, I learned about over 150 different dietary practices, and the Blood Type Diet is one that not only fascinated me, but also held true client after client. Again, it’s not perfect! I have those who do not do well with the suggestions and we go a different ....

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  • So Fredericksburg, Who has the biggest Jerk and Snatch?

    This coming Friday 7 th April is not only the Eve of our big move to RARE 3.0 on Houser Drive, it will also be the last 7pm Barbell class at our current location.That being said, we want to make it a little extra special. We are dusting off the trophy belt and setting up for a Jerk Off and Snatch Off Event. For those of you who have never participated before, it is a fun time to compete with your fellow athletes and see who has the heaviest weight on their 1 RM Jerk and 1 RM Snatch. The winner gets their name put on the trophy belt, and bragging rights in the gym. So who is going to topple Coach Jim from his podium position?
    Tuesday's Workout:
    A) Strict Press - ....

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    MARK YOUR CALENDARS EVERYONE! RARE CrossFit and World's Best Boot Camp - Fredericksburg are moving next weekend April 8-9! Come out... lend a hand... witness humble badass people and the greatness of our community that is RARE!
    Monday's Workouts:
    A) Back Squat 5 RM in 15 Minutes B) DB split squat 8RM/leg C) AMRAP BJ in 10 min - jump up, step down ....

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  • Mark Your Calendars Fredericksburg! RARE is Moving...

    MARK YOUR CALENDARS EVERYONE! RARE CrossFit and World's Best Boot Camp - Fredericksburg are moving next weekend April 8-9! Come out... lend a hand... witness humble badass people and the greatness of our community that is RARE!
    Friday's Workout:
    A) Gymnastics skill 15 min B) BTN Power Jerk building to a tough single from the rack, DO not carry this down to neck, drop from top C) AMRAP 3 min - strict pull ups AMRAP 2 min - dips AMRAP 1 min - Russian twists rest walk 3 min x 2 D) FT: Row 100 cals ....

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  • The Doc... that ROCKS... in Fredericksburg!

    Not many folks can brag about their good friend and doctor like we can. So proud of you Rafael Hernandez . For 5 weeks, you gave it your all and then some. And You not only kicked butt in every Wod You placed first in the Mid Atlantic Region For you division So proud of you Doc!!! # rarestrong # bemoreawesome # wearerare Thursday's Workout:
    ¦ Open Gym ¦ WOD make up day ¦ Advanced Class WOD A) Power Snatch 3 reps x 8 sets; increase weight from previous week B) Front Squat building to ONE HEAVY set of 2 C) 8 min AMRAP: 30-20-10 DB HPC DB FS DU rest 5 min 8 min AMRAP: AB 10 cals 10 HPS - ....

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  • Transforming Fredericksburg - One Couple At A Time

    While I was putting together the collage below, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness. Michelle and Jake are awesome people, and we are lucky to have them as part of our community. Their good friend Jacqueline had been bugging them for ages to try out RARE, since she was already a member and they were sick and tired of hearing about what she did during her workouts. Finally, after a lot of convincing, they decided to give us a try, signing up for our Worlds Best Bootcamp Fredericksburg. Six weeks later, they were hooked and immediately signed up for CrossFit. And... The rest is history. Wow, what a difference 18 months has made for this awesome RARE Couple. So proud of you ....

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  • Thank you RARE Athletes of Fredericksburg!

    It's time to take a moment and reflect back over these last five weeks. There were nerves... there were struggles.... there were triumphs... and there was sacrifice. And over these last five weeks there was something else for many of you. Growth. Those who participated consistently over these past five weeks in the CrossFit Open grew substantially. And it was from your efforts and the support of this community that made that possible. Thank you to all those who chose to embrace the pain... embrace the struggle... embrace their fears... And go for it. Thank you to all those who contributed to everyone else's success. Thank you.

    Monday's Workout:
    A) Power clean 1.1 x ....

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  • THANK YOU... Friday Night Lights Workout 17.5 Fredericksburg.

    This is our last Friday Night Lights at RARE today and all of this awesomeness couldn't have happened without a few key individuals. We would like to sincerely thank Jacqueline, Michelle, Ryan, and Jacob for organizing and setting up our Fridays over the past 5 weeks and Justin for helping us validate our open scores. You guys ROCK and Truly are RARE! We appreciate you! Friday's Workout:
    17.5 ....

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  • Coming Soon..... Fredericksburg!

    The Original CrossFit Gym in Fredericksburg! We're not just a gym. We are a community of like minded individuals. We sweat together, we support each other, we have your back. We've been Building a Fit Community since 2008. RARE 3.0 is Opening Soon. Come be a part of the RARE-est community in Fredericksburg. For more details call or send us an email. 540-412-8417 or
    Thursday's Workout
    A) Power Snatch 4 reps x 6 sets; rest as needed - Practice B) Front Squat building to ONE HEAVY set of 3 C) 8 sets @consistent effort: 10 DB thruster Run 200m 10 DB snatch AB 8/10 cals rest walk 90 sec ....

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  • RARE CrossFit Cleaning up Your Favorite Comfort Food Fredericksburg

    Cleaning up Your Favorite Comfort Food Fredericksburg

    One of my favorite comfort foods is pineapple fried rice. Unfortunately, I often feel stuffed and regretful after eating it. Instead of giving it up completely, I decided to gradually change this yummy dish into a powerhouse of nutrition. Here’s the original recipe , and my three steps to improve it:
    Serve on a bed pf spinach and arugula. Simply adding greens is a huge step to improving this meal, and making it very filling.
    Choose chicken thighs and breast to increase the fat. Add fat? YES! The fat is great for that feeling of satisfaction, helps you recover from training and powers your brain.
    Mix riced cauliflower with the brown rice. You don’t have to give up the rice ....

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  • Fredericksburg - We Need More Barbell!!

    If you are new to CrossFit, Thinking about joining RARE or Just want to get back to the basics, Then RARE's Barbell Basics may be perfect for you! This 4 class, 2 week program begins on April 11th Limited spots available Call or e-mail Coach Lee for further information
    Tuesday's Workout
    A) Split jerk practice 10 min B) Push press + Power jerk 2.2 - every 90 sec x 8 sets C) 10 min amrap @80% 5 strict pull ups 20m sled drag 7 PP 200m row rest 5 min 10 min amrap @80% Run 200m 7 push ups AB 10 cals 7 strict TTB - GOAL is SAME rounds per amrap ....

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  • Have you begun your fitness journey Fredericksburg?

    One year ago today, I began a journey that would change my life. I took a chance and signed up to become part of a local crossfit gym, RARE Crossfit. In that year I have become stronger both in body and mind. I have learned to push myself beyond my limits, to be more. In June, I was in a very serious car accident and suffered a concussion and tbi that I am still recovering from today. The RARE family and coaches waited patiently for me to return and when I did months later, they supported me when I had no balance, cheered for me when I did my first squats, encouraged me, and met me where I was always believing I could do more and having faith in me when I did not. Coach Lee reminded me ....

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  • Thursday - March 16

    Thursday's Workout:
    ¦ Open Gym ¦ Endurance WOD ¦ WOD make up day ¦ Advanced Class WOD A) Power Snatch 5 reps x 5 sets; rest as needed - Practice B) Front Squat building to ONE HEAVY set of 4 C) 5 RFT: 10 double KB FS 10 double KB swings 20m FW - w/KBS AB 10 cals ....

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  • Easy Tips to Stay Hydrated Fredericksburg!

    It’s easy in the cooler weather to forget to stay hydrated. In the warmer months, the gym heats up quickly and drinking water is nonnegotiable. Through the winter, it takes a conscious effort to get the liquids we need. Proper hydration is essential to the crossfit athlete for many reasons including improved performance and reduction of injuries and joint soreness. We also need it to prevent headaches and feel like our happy selves. 1. Plan ahead! The visual reminder of how much water you plan to drink for the day helps you stay on track. 2. Fill your diet with fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers, leafy greens and cauliflower have much more water content than you would imagine. When ....

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  • Festivus Athletes in Fredericksburg


    On April 22nd we have lots of RARE athletes venturing down to TrainTown CrossFit in Ashland to compete in the Festivus Games. Many of the athletes competing have never done a competition before, so we are super proud to be supporting them. The Festivus Games was created in 2011 to accomodate the majority of us CrossFit athletes that are at the novice or intermediate level. As Festivus states, "No Fire-breather types allowed." To represent RARE, and support our athletes, our in-house graphic artist, Melanie has designed an ....

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  • Hey Fredericksburg, Chris has lost more than 50 pounds!

    Happy Monday everyone! We'd like all of you to meet Chris Ruble. He's been a member of our RARE family since August 14, 2014 and he epitomizes who we are at RARE. Chris is humble, driven, respectful, a family man, motivator and has an insatiable desire to help people. Over the past months Chris has dedicated himself to bettering his nutrition and with that.... has lost more than 50 pounds. We wanted to give you a shoutout Chris... not only for your accomplishments, but also for who you are as a person. Thank you! We appreciate you.
    Monday's Workout:
    A) Power clean + Hang clean 2.2 x 5; rest as needed B) Back Squat building to a HEAVY set of 4 - ONE set FAST ....

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  • Thursday - March 9

    Thursday's Workout:
    ¦ Open Gym ¦ Endurance WOD ¦ WOD make up day ¦ Advanced Class WOD A) Power Snatch MAX for the day in 10 min B) Front Squat MAX for the day in 15 min C) AB 10 min max cals ....

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  • How to Explode Past Your Goals Fredericksburg

    I bet if I asked you how much you weighed, you would know. If I asked your change in body fat percentage over the last three months, some of you would know thanks to Complete Nutrition. What if I asked you your max deadlift? Number of pull ups? Reps during 17.2? Some number are easy to remember and stick in our head. Other numbers, though just as important, we may not know at all. Today I want to share a secret with you that is guaranteed to cause you to exceed your goals. Records = results. How could something so simple cause such massive change? Because having awareness around where you currently are, and where you want to be gives you the information you need to make the ....

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  • RARE's Humble beginning in Fredericksburg

    It has been 8 years since we opened the doors of Rare CrossFit at our humble beginnings,

    a shared lock-up garage behind our current location.
    Wow! Time certainly passes by quickly.

    We can't begin to tell you how super excited we are to be moving into our own facility very
    soon. Our dream of having a place of our own is finally coming to fruition.

    We look forward to sharing our vision, mission and dreams with our "RARE" Family.

    Tuesday's Workout:
    A) Strict Press 1RM in 15 min B) Weighted Chin-up 1RM in 15 min C) 10 min AMRAP @80% 5 kipping pull ups 10 push ups 25 DU Run 200m rest 5 min 10 min AMRAP @80% ....

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  • Saturday - 4 March

    A)Deadlift 5RM B)Goblet squat 15, 15, 9 Heavy C)4 sets - FT: 15/12 cal row 20 WB 30 russian KBS 40 DU D)EASY cool down on your own 15 min ....

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  • Thursday - 2 March

    A)Hang Power Snatch Max for the Day B)Front Squat @20X0 3,3,2,2,1,1 C)DB RFESS @ 3131 8/side D)Row 2k TT ....

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  • Adding New, Healthy Foods to Your Meals Fredericksburg!

    I spent two years working for The Doctor Yum Project , a local nonprofit that’s focused on helping families learn how to eat healthy. I bet you think I spent a lot of time with ‘picky’ kids. You’re right, I did! But you may be surprised to learn that I spent even more time with their picky grownups! As a society, we focus on kids being selective eaters, but that doesn’t simply go away as an adult UNLESS we decide to make a change. Not only is it important to grow that palate to be a great example to the little people around you, but also for your own health. Humans thrive on eating seasonally and selecting a variety of foods. Not sure how to start? Here are ....

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  • Fredericksburg Friday Night Lights and You!

    A)Gymnastics skill 10 min B)Strict Press 3RM C)Weighted Chinup D)10 min amrap @80% Run 200m 20m FW 10 push ups rest 5 min 10 min amrap @80% AB 10/8 cals 5 kipping pull ups Row 10/8 cals 5 wall walks ....

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  • It's All About Your Effort Fredericksburg... at RARE CrossFit!

    Last Friday evening was the start of the annual CrossFit Open Workouts and we celebrated this with our whole community and a whole bunch of sponsors. Thank you to our entire RARE Family, everyone involved in setting up our space, judging, encouraging and cleaning our space afterwards. Thank you to Dr. Jericho Matthews and Alive by Design Chiropractic Center, Tim with Stronger Faster Healthier, Will with Will's Place and Amy with Super Fun Yoga Pants! All of you ROCK and we love all your EFFORT put into Open Workout 17.1. This Friday is the second week and workout 17.2. What will Dave Castro and CrossFit HQ have in store for all of us? We will know this Thursday at ....

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  • Friday Night Lights 17.1 Fredericksburg!

    Friday Night Lights is here Fredericksburg and we start this years CrossFit Open with an awesome couplet workout. Not only will we be rocking this workout, we'll be doing it with awesome partnerships with Alive By Design Chiropractic Center, Will's Place, Stronger Faster Healthier, and Super Fun Yoga Pants. Come on out and join us.

    Friday's Workout:
    Workout 17.1 For time: 10 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 20 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 30 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 40 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 50 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs Men use 50-lb. ....

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  • Thursday - February 23

    Thursday's Workout:
    ¦ Open Gym ¦ Endurance WOD ¦ WOD make up day ¦ Advanced Class WOD A) 3 position hang power clean

    MAX for the day in 12 min B) Front Squat

    @20X0; 5,5,4,4,3,3; rest as needed C) Curtis P

    MAX load in 12 min D) Row 30 sec MAX effort rest 30 sec x 4 - record meters per set ....

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  • How To Make Healthy, Delicious Smoothies Fredericksburg!

    With the warmer weather quickly approaching, smoothies can be a great go-to snack or mini meal. One of the easiest ways to find new recipes is to search on blender company’s websites., and all have fantastic lists of recipes that have been tested by the company. Another great way is to follow a smoothie formula. Check out the picture below for a foolproof smoothie system. And what can you do with the leftover smoothie? Make them into popsicles! Try this Green Dragon Smoothie as a delicious treat and freeze the leftovers into the tastiest popsicles you have ever had! Looking for more snack ideas? Grab your tickets for the upcoming class ....

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  • Be RARE Fit in Fredericksburg

    This past Saturday Troop 020 Graduated from Worlds Best Bootcamp Fredericksburg, and many of the troopers are continuing their fitness journey with our CrossFitprogram. Some of the members have previously done CrossFit, while others are just beginning. A few members are still a little intimidated by CrossFit and unsure of their next step. Have no fear! Coach Kaytlyn and I have developed a special program just for that reason. We are extremely excited to add this to our already awesome programs at RARE. Beginning next Tuesday 28th, we are offering a 6 week small group personal training program as a bridge to CrossFit. Spots are very limited for this ....

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  • It's Friday Night Lights at RARE CrossFit Fredericksburg!

    Friday Night Lights is back... and it all begins this Friday! This is such a fun time to come out, enjoy yourself and throwdown with our amazing community. Alive by Design Chiropractor, Will's Food Truck, Super Hot Fun Yoga pants, Stronger Faster Healthier... they'll all be out at RARE CrossFit this Friday for the CrossFit Open 17.1 workout. We hope to see all of you here. 17.1: Feb 24 17.2: March 3 17.3: March 10 17.4: March 17 17.5: March 24

    Monday's Workout:
    A) Power Clean Building to a Max in 15 Min B) Back Squat @20x0 5,4,3 C) EMOM 10 Min Min 1 DB Lunges x 10 - Heavy Min 2 RKBS x 15 - Heavy D) For Time ....

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  • Rethinking Comfort Food Fredericksburg!

    In the cold months of winter, it’s easy to let our food choices go to comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, pot pies, lasagna and the like. Today I would like to offer you a different perspective on comfort food, root vegetables. If you aren’t already eating root vegetables, I’m excited to tell you that they are delicious, incredibly healthy, and easy to prepare. Breakfast Soup is the perfect example. Although I created this for breakfast, it’s perfect for any meal or snack. Make sure to modify the recipe to your tastes and dietary goals. A recipe, after all, is just an idea. Another easy way to add root vegetables to your diet is by ....

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  • World's Best Boot Camp Fredericksburg

    What can YOU accomplish in 6 weeks ? With 12 live, group trainings... 21 bonus at home trainings... Nutrition guidance.. Supplement advice.. Mental strength and accountability !!! ENROLLMENT is OPEN for Troop 21! Troop 21 starts Sat. Feb 25th. We will sell out, and spots are LIMITED! Give us a call ASAP to reserve your spot today before it's to LATE! 540-300-2370

    The most fun you'll have proving yourself!

    Thursday's Workout:
    ¦ Open Gym ¦ Endurance WOD ¦ WOD make up day ¦ Advanced Class WOD A) 3 position hang power clean 2 reps @80% x 8 sets; rest as needed B) Front Squat @20X0; 4-6 x 5; ....

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  • Functional Fitness In Fredericksburg

    Since opening our gym in 2008, the functional fitness regimen known as “CrossFit, has exploded worldwide. The love of CrossFit doesn’t seem like it is going to die down any time soon either. So why, may you be asking is this fitness program remaining so popular? Well, it is because it really works. CrossFit is not just for the “elite” athlete, but for people of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels. At RARE CrossFit, here in Fredericksburg, we have trained kids as young as 5 years of age, and athletes into their 70’s. The functionality of the movements and the universal scalability of the workouts mean that really anyone can do it. Performing ....

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  • Love Is In The Air in Fredericksburg

    Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Bring your sweetheart in for an awesome RARE Wod. Those that sweat together...., Stay Together
    Tuesday's Workout:
    A) Gymnastics skill 10 min B) Strict Press @2112; 4-6 x 5; rest as needed C) Weighted Chin-up Building to a HEAVY set of 3 - then take 85% of that load and complete 3 more sets of 3; rest as needed - for those that cannot do strict pull ups - complete 5x5 strict negatives with a 3-4 sec count on the way down D) 15 min AMRAP: 5 strict pull up 15m SA FW Left 7 push ups 15m SA FW Right 9 BJSD- 24/20" Run 200m ....

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  • Hey Fredericksburg: Refer Your Sweetheart and Five Tips for a Heart Healthy Valentine’s

    Not only is February the month of love, but it is also American Heart Month. With Valentine’s Day being the candy layover between the winter holidays and Easter, the desire to sugar binge and candy horde is only natural, which makes reconciling Valentine’s Day and healthy Heart Month a difficult task indeed. 1. Whole-grain breakfast
    : Try cutting out a heart-shaped whole-grain piece of toast or waffle, then top with vanilla Greek yogurt, sliced strawberries and cinnamon. Heart healthy tip
    : The fiber in whole grains helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and may reduce your risk for heart disease. 2. Get physical
    : Couples and families that play together, stay ....

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  • RARE CrossFit OFFICIAL Bring A Friend Party Fredericksburg

    OFFICIAL Bring A Friend Party Fredericksburg

    Today is the day!
    The OFFICIAL Bring A Friend Party is here! We are so excited to share this awesome opportunity with you Fredericksburg!! ! Things will kick off at 7:30! Try to arrive by 7:15 so you can sign in! Bring your workout clothes, water and a towel if needed...AND be prepared to have a great time! *** YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW A TROOPER TO COME TO THIS EVENT!!! If you have been watching for a while and you finally want to come see what this place is about....just come on out! *** See you here! Thursday's Workout:
    ¦ Open Gym ¦ Endurance WOD ¦ WOD make up day ¦ Advanced Class WOD A) Hang Power Clean 2 reps @75% x 8-10 ....

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  • Making Meal Prep Simple Fredericksburg!

    There are so many temptations when lunch time rolls around. People at the office might be eating at one of the local restaurants, mom friends and their kids are meeting at a kid-friendly, fast food joint, and the local coffee shop has tempting pastries that you think would help you hold on until dinner. When we fail to plan for a healthy lunch, it is easy to make choices that do not support our goals. One simple way to prevent this is with mason jar salads. The trick to keeping salads fresh in mason jars (or in any container) is to keep the dressing separate. Because I prefer my greens to be super fresh, I only make three salads at a time. I’ve also noticed that if I eat a salad ....

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  • Hey Fredericksburg - Bring Your Friend to Worlds Best Bootcamp on Thursday

    Tuesday's Workout:
    This coming Thursday 9 th is Bring A Friend Night for Troop 020 of the World’s Best Bootcamp Fredericksburg. It is an awesome workout, whether you are in our CrossFit program, currently participating in our current Troop, or on the fence about joining our next one beginning on February 25 th. We invite each and every one of you, male and female to come out to RARE at 7:30 pm on Thursday and be part of the Bootcamp Party. We promise it will be a lot of fun. A) Gymnastics skill 10 min B) Strict Press @2112; 5-7 x 2, 3-5 x 2 rest 2 min C) Weighted Chin-up @2112; 1.1.1 x 3-5 rest as needed = increase load from previous week ....

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  • RARE CrossFit's 4th Annual Chili Cook Off in Fredericksburg

    RARE CrossFit held our 4th Annual Chili Cook Off over the weekend! There was spicy chili, there was puerto rican chili, there was chili with grandma's cornbread, there was also chili from the reigning two time champion Matt James. And once again Matt's famous smoked chili won for the 3rd straight year in a row. Can anyone beat Matt's awesome Chili? One vote separated Matt's chili from the 2nd place chili, but yes... Matt did it again. Congratulations Matt and to everyone who entered chili in this years contest. We had an awesome time. Thank you to everyone who came out and to Jacqueline for organizing this years event.
    Monday's ....

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  • Last Chance Fredericksburg: 2017 RARE Open Team Jersey

    LAST CHANCE........ We are submitting the order this afternoon for our 2017 RARE Open Team Jersey. If you forgot to order and you would like to be added to the list, comment below with your Shirt Size, and Number and Name for the back ASAP. Thanks! A) Gymnastics skill 15 min B) Push Press 2 reps @80% - every 90 sec x 6-8 sets C) Strict Pronated Pull-up Amrap in 1 min; rest 1 min x 3 D) For Time: 21-15-9-6-3 Row cals TTB Push ups ....

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  • Thursday 2/2/2017

    A) Hang Power Clean 3 reps @70% x 8 sets - bu ilding loa d B) Front Squat @30X0; 6-8 x 2, 4-6 x 2; rest 2 min C) 3 sets: 12 BB step ups -Rest 1 min 10 DB RDL -Rest 1 min D) For Time: Row 1k 30 goblet squats Row 500m 30 jump lunges Row 500m 30 goblet squat Row 1k ....

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  • Three Easy Steps for Healthy, Delicious Snacks that Fuel Your Body in Fredericksburg

    Well-planned snacks are a great way to support post-workout recovery, increase the amount of nutrient-dense foods in your day, help balance your moods, and curb cravings. The trick is keeping those snacks healthy! You can do that with three easy steps: 1. Choose a healthy protein, a vegetable and a small amount of fat. A grilled chicken thigh with some baked sweet potato fries is a great example. Another example would be a black burger (no roll) with salsa and avocado. Another easy choice would be jicama with hummus . 2. Think of ‘mini meals’ instead of snacks. Processed snacks are often filled with sugar or sugar substitutes that take you away from your healthy goals. ....

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  • The Best Chili In Fredericksburg

    It's that time again....... RARE's Annual Chili Cookoff - The 4th Annual So, are we going to let Mr. Matt James be the Chili King, For the 3rd year in a row? We still have time to perfect those recipes And claim his crown Only 4 days away....... We can't wait to start the sampling This years winner will receive one month of RARE For Free. A) Gymnastics skill 10 min: B) Strict Press: @2112; 6-8 x 2, 4-6 x 2 rest 2 min C) Weighted Chinup: @2112; x 3; rest as needed D) 15 min amrap @CONSISTENT effort: Run 200m 3 wall walks 30m FW 5 strict pull ups 50m sled pull: ....

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  • Hey Fredericksburg: Are you keeping your New Years Resolutions?

    Monday's Workout: A) Push press + Power jerk + Split jerk 1.1.1 - building load for 15 min B) EMOM 12 min - min 1 - strict pull up x 3-5 + Kipping pull up x 3-5 min 2 - Hollow rock x 30 sec C) FT: 10 TGU Row 500m 20 HR push ups Row 500m 20 strict TTB Row 500m 10 TGU ....

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  • Fredericksburg: Success Story #8 Michelle Warren

    Today is Day 8 and I have to tell you about Michelle Warren. "I joined RARE after a long stride of not performing any form of exercise at all! Having been a three sport athlete in high school and playing soccer in college, I thought that whenever I decided to work out again, I would pick up right where I left off. After years of feeling lethargic, flabby and sometimes even depressed, I tried to drop in to a crossfit class only to throw up after the warm up! If I wanted a change, it wasn't going to be easy, but I needed something in my life that made me feel ALIVE! I joined the World's Best Boot Camp in August of 2015 and although the first few weeks were rough on the body, I could start ....

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  • Fredericksburg: Success Story #7 Rafael Hernandez

    Today is Day 7 and I have to tell you about Rafael Hernandez. Rafael is the fittest doctor in Fredericksburg, has a heart of gold, and is always there to lend a helping hand. Raf epitomizes who we are and what we stand for at RARE. Keep up the amazing work, Rafael. We are all inspired by you, proud of you, and appreciate you. Bring on 2017! Coach Adam Tuesday's Workout A) For Time: 10 wall walks 2 min FLR 10 TGU 2 min side plank Rest as needed Amrap 3 min - HR push ups rest 2 min Amrap 3 min - weighted sit ups B) For Time: Row 1k Run 400m row 750m Run 400m Row 500m C) Cool down 10 min walk ....

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  • Fredericksburg: Success Story #6 Lorie Bland

    Today is Day 6 and I have to tell you about Lorie Bland. She began with Personal Training, signed up for Worlds Best Bootcamp Fredericksburg and now she is Killing it With CrossFit. "The picture on the left is this time last year, the right is over the summer......what I have learned over the last year is simple, you are what you eat, when it comes down to it you make the choice no one else does, eating and exercise makes all the difference in everything!!!" Keep up the amazing work, Lorie. We are all inspired by you and so proud of you. Bring on 2017! Coach Adam Monday's Workout A) 3 position Power clean 1 complex - every 2 min x 6-8 sets B) Front Squat buidling to a ....

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  • Fredericksburg: Success Story #5 Nick Berrie and Instructor Training Program

    Today is Day 5 and I have to tell you about Nick Berrie. Here's an email Nick sent me: "Hey Adam, finally got through all my notes since joining RARE. All I have to say is wow I've done a lot of working out and made a boat load more progress then I had previously thought. So a basic breakdown is so far I've lost 45lbs. I have no measure of muscle gained but just from looking in the mirror it has to be a good amount. My strength numbers reflect that and all barbell movements have gone up a lot. My mobility has gotten a lot better over my entire body. Only two things that were of significance with mobility were my psoas and hamstrings both of which are still a problem area although much ....

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  • Fredericksburg: Success Story #4 Amanda Rourke

    Today is Day 4 and I have to tell you about Amanda Rourke. At the end of the 6 weeks in our World's Best Boot Camp - Fredericksburg, she improved by 7 squats and 15 push-ups on her 1 minute maxes and took 4 minutes and 14 seconds off her workout time. That is absolutely AWESOME!!!!! So proud of you!!!!! Keep up the amazing work, Amanda. We are all inspired by you and so proud of you. Bring on 2017! Coach Adam Thursday's Workout ¦ Open Gym ¦ Endurance WOD ¦ WOD make up day ¦ Advanced Class WOD A) Deadlift 6-8 reps x 5 sets; rest 2-3 min - 77-82.5% B) Emom 12 min min 1 - FR lunges x 10 - builidng load per set min 2 - Alt plyo lunges on top of box x 5 reps/leg C) ....

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  • Fredericksburg: Success Story #3 Brian Skinner

    Today is Day 3 and I have to tell you about Brian Skinner. Brian started with us August of 2015 in Troop 012 of our World's Best Boot Camp - Fredericksburg program and then joined our CrossFit program. What's changed in one year... here's what Brian had to say. "Definitely had to change my entire wardrobe. Lost inches all over including my waist.... but I didn't get any taller. The mental as well as the physical aspect has been life changing. RARE has really redirected my life and the start of the day for me. I wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day" Keep up the amazing work, Brian. We are all inspired by you and so proud of you. Bring on 2017! Coach Adam Brian Skinner ....

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  • Fredericksburg: Success Story #2 Melda Bates

    Today is Day 2 and I have to tell you about Melda Bates. We are so proud of Melda! She has made amazing progress this year towards her goal of a happier and healthier me. It hasn’t been an easy path and has consistently shown up and worked at getting better one day at a time. The results have been amazing ?. Melda joined our World's Best Boot Camp - Fredericksburg before joining our RARE CrossFit program. Six months later Melda's life has been transformed. Keep up the amazing work, Melda. We are all inspired by you and so proud of you. Bring on 2017! Coach Adam Tuesday's Workout A) FOR TIME 30 TGU - MODERATE load rest 3 minutes 5 Rounds FOR TIME 10 bent over row - ....

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  • Fredericksburg: Success Story #1 Joy Smith

    Over the next week we are celebrating our amazing clients here at RARE CrossFit. Everyday we come in to work we can’t believe that we get to work with such amazing people that inspire us by showing up day in and day out. Today is Day 1 and I have to tell you about Commander Joy Smith. We are so proud of Joy! She has made amazing progress this year towards her goal of a happier and healthier me. It hasn’t been an easy path and has consistently shown up and worked at getting better one day at a time. The results have been amazing ?. Joy joined RARE CrossFit after her mother stopped Coach Adam in their neighborhood one morning. Joy's mom said: "my daughter needs to ....

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  • Hey Fredericksburg: Last Minute Holiday Flash Sale

    Due to the incredible demand we’ve experienced over the past 4 days (and because we simply hate saying no to our current and prospective clients), we are offering ONE of each offer from the last 4 days to the first person who claims them! Offer #1: $1,499 for an Unlimited ALL ACCESS 12 Month RARE CrossFit Membership – EMAIL HERE TO PURCHASE: Offer #2: 1 Month of Unlimited RARE CrossFit Membership for you and your friend for only $119 each (62% off regular price!) – EMAIL HERE TO PURCHASE: Offer #3: A $100 gift card that can be used for any service for only $10 (can be used by non-current members only) – ....

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  • Hey Fredericksburg: RARE CrossFit's Holiday Flash Sale continues...

    January 21 Nutrition Takeback Challenge for only $49 (Save $100) Only 10 available. One of the things we are known for here at RARE CrossFit is getting clients incredible results with our signature Nutrition Takeback Challenge! Our next challenge begins January 21, 2017, and this is a great opportunity to claim your spot at a fraction of the regular price. Due to the demand of these challenges, we are being very strict about only accepting 10 people at this special rate, so if you’re on the fence, jump off and act right now! Kick off the new year right, and grab yours before it’s gone by EMAILING US HERE: or call us quickly at 540-412-8417 ! ....

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  • Great Gifts Fredericksburg

    There are only 5 More shopping days to Christmas Is everyone ready? If you are anything like me, you will be in a mad scramble getting those last minute gifts. My parents are arriving from England tomorrow evening. And, I can't wait. It will be so awesome to have both sets of parents together for the holidays. Yes I said both sets of parents. I am lucky that I not only have great parents, but great in-laws too. Speaking of great, we have great deals going down at RARE for those last minute gift ideas. Not only are we having a daily Flash Sale (Be sure to check your inboxes for those awesome deals), we are offering discounts on ALL Protein and Fish Oil, as well and ....

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  • Fredericksburg, VA: Holiday Flash Sale

    “Some quit due to slow progress. Never grasping the fact that slow progress…is progress.” author unknown Monday's Workout A) Power clean + HSC + FS 1.2.3 every 2 min x 6 sets - building load B) Front Squat building to a 5RM in 12 min C) METCON 5 min amrap @90% Aer 12 goblet squats run 200m rest walk 2 min 5 min amrap @90% Row 200m 10 DB snatch rest walk 2 min 5 min amrap @90% AB 10 cals 10 HR push ups ....

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  • Hey Fredericksburg: RARE Cares More coming soon...

    It started a long time before this... The vision of a local community charity for kids with cancer. Picture on the left. We ran the Marine Corps Marathon and raised $2,000 for Tyler, who shortly after, died of brain cancer. Fast forward to 2016 and RARE had sponsored a local charity golf tournament for kids with cancer. During the event I saw Kenny and his son Travis, who used to be one of our athletes. Travis trained with us for about a year and then one day he was diagnosed with cancer and had to stop coming to RARE. It was at this event that was born and we're on a mission to help our local Fredericksburg Community and all the families that have children ....

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  • Fredericksburg: Holiday Resource Guide 2016

    HOLIDAY RESOURCE GUIDE Wednesday's Workout A) Power Jerk building to a max - building load B1) Push Press @2112; 6-8 x 4; rest 30 sec B2) Weighted Strict Pronated Pull-Up @2112; 6-8 x 3; rest 1 min C) FOR TIME 5 RFT: 12 push ups 10 KTE Row 500m - GOAL is SAME times per round! ....

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  • Hey Fredericksburg, Bring your Friend to RARE CrossFit for a Free Workout!

    We have been talking about our Golden Tickets for several weeks now. The golden ticket is for you to give to family and friends, so they can come and experience a class or three this week at RARE and experience for themselves what you have been bragging about for so long. We had a good showing at our 6pm class and I had the privilege of meeting lots of awesome people. A great effort by all who participated. Thanks Jen Miller and Clarissa for giving out the golden tickets and sharing the awesomeness of RARE with your friends. Also, Leslie brought a good friend of hers Jesse, and Jarno, Kimmie and Missy brought folks too. They attended some of our other class times. We still have a few ....

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  • Monday - December 12th, 2016

    Monday's Workout A) PC + HSC 1.1 - every 2 min x 6 sets B) Front Squat 1,1,1,1,1,1; rest as needed C) AMRAP 5 min @90% 10 air squats 15 sit ups run 200m rest walk 2 min AMRAP 5 min @90% Row 200m 10 Russian KBS rest walk 2 min AMRAP 5 min @90% 10 jump lunges 10 NPUB 30 DU ....

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