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Lisonia Arthurton in Fredericksburg - RARE CrossFit

Lisonia Arthurton

When I was younger I took really good care of myself. I was always in the gym (sometimes twice a day). Fully motivated to keep myself strong and healthy. But something changed. I became a mother of two beautiful little girls. So I put all of me into raising my family.

I remember in March 2014, I started looking for pictures of myself for a project I was putting together, but I realized I had none. At least none from the last three or four years. Why? I knew why but didn't want to believe it at the time. Not to mention I had just had my second child so of course I'm out of shape NOW and that's why...right? In October 2014 at my oldest daughters birthday party I realized, with full tears, just how out of shape I was when I finally saw a picture of myself. Yes, I was smiling in the picture, seemingly happy. But was I? No. I wasn't. I avoided the camera for so long because I knew the truth and didn't want to face it.

I realized a bit after that I cannot take care of anyone with the capacity required of me without learning to take care of myself. This became my priority! I began working out on my own and lost a few pounds. I became scale obsessed, hopping on daily, even several times a day. I got a membership to a purple and yellow themed gym that gave me the "okie dokie" thumbs up every time I walked through the door. I got bored quickly and eventually stopped going because my change wasn't happening as quickly as I would have hoped and I didn't have anyone to guide me to my next steps. No support to reach my next goal. I knew I still needed to get my stuff together. So what now?

My aunt found a page on Facebook called World's Best Boot Camp - Fredericksburg and told me about it. I shrugged it off but I watched the page almost daily for six months before I decided to finally try them out on my birthday in 2016. I went to a Bring A Friend Party they were having and signed up that night. The community and the fun, not to mention the support of the staff and fellow troopers...THAT kept me motivated to want to do more. I completed two Troops. I found just what I needed, a strong support system where I learned to take care of ME!


After completing my Troops, I began the CrossFit program with Rare! I was intimidated at first because of the stigma behind CrossFit. The "oh that stuff is dangerous" kind of stigma. And I even heard comments like "that stuff isn't for people like you" or how about the "you're gonna get too big and bulky". That is something that would've made me turn away in the maybe 2014. BUT meeting these people, being part of this community, I wouldn't go anywhere else. I must add matter how many excuses I made, they countered them with "Well....go workout". So I did. They won't let me quit and I am grateful everyday for that!

Although I am still a work in progress, as I should always be, I am proud to be part of such an amazing team. There are so many out there that are having a hard time finding support to become better versions of themselves. This is why I coach. I understand that putting yourself first will make you happy and in turn you live a happier, healthier life.. I coach this, live this and watch you learn this AND those "ah ha" moments you have in class, when that little light comes on...that moment is inspirational and serves as a reminder to everyone watching...yes me live life happy...and stay healthy.


Put yourself first. See you in class.

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