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At mile 23 I started to feel the pace catching up with me but I knew my family and friends were going to be at the marker cheering for me, so I decided to keep it up until I passed them, and then I would slow down or maybe even walk a bit. I passed my friends and family and just when I starting thinking it was ok to walk, I realized I was about 12-15 minutes from the finish line. That’s when my new RARE mentally tough mind and thinking kicked in. It went something like this: 12 minutes? That’s about the time of a Metcon WOD……and those are hard…….those kick my butt……I am sweating and panting and in pain during those WODs…… but I always finish them……and I’m not sweating or panting or in pain now, just tired……so I will finish this too……and I will not slow down and I will not walk, because I am strong and I am fit, and I am RARE, and I got this! And I began to think of all the RARE coaches and RARE friends cheering for me and believing in me and I ran my fastest mile of all in that last mile!
D.J. Fife
A friend brought me in to try it and all she told me was that it was a boot camp type work out. I was down for the challenge! After the first workout I almost passed out and puked in the heat, and I was the sorest my whole body has ever endured, but I knew this is where I needed to be. I signed up that week! I was engaged to be married at the time and knew that I had bought my dress the month before and it was a little tight, I had to do something!
Amber Wise
You Guys Kick F*cking Ass! I have been on travel and have dropped in to a few gyms.. Maaannnn O Maaaaannn are we spoiled at RARE brother. First let me say from top to bottom the staff at RARE is second to none! The consistency in the methodologies taught where I am glad to call home “RARE CrossFit” is light years ahead of what I have witnessed. The programming you are providing is far beyond many of the boxes I have dropped in. I can say with absolute resolution that most have been childs play after being whipped up by RARE’s programming.
I almost feel as if I am bragging when i begin to expalin what we do at RARE, lol! No bullshit, the look on some of the people faces are like I am speaking a foreign language to them!
Just wanted to let you guys know I am super proud to be a part of what you are building and the direction I have seen in the year and some change I have been here. Keep it up! Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!
J Kaopua
Thank you for running such a great box. Caleb and I were talking this morning on the way home about how much fun we have in the 5am class and how much improvement we have seen in a pretty short time. The best compliment I can give you and the class is that I (almost) never have to ask Caleb a second time to get up to come to RARE. To me that says a lot about that class that a 14 year old boy would consistently get up at 0415 without complaint to go lift, run, row and jump…
Thanks again,
C Ruble